Watercolor Workshop: Garden, Home, and Country

Watercolor Workshop: Garden, Home, and Country

Our next watercolor workshop paints the garden patriotic. 

Learn expert watercolor techniques while you enjoy wine and snacks from our Cafe in the inspirational surroundings of our Gallery

This class will focus on depicting some architectural vignettes of the things we value – our gardens and homes and the freedom to paint them.  Whether it is a garden shed or the front porch including that small amount of architecture adds a little bit of man made structure to our watercolors. Sometimes less is more, so class will have tips on how to create the illusion of reflections on windows, painting negative space to create form such as a porch railing along with foliage and blooming plants. It takes a fast moving brush to create the symbol for a pot of blooming flowers which is what painters do – create symbols for things.

NHG’s regular artist and fellow gardener Marian Hirsch teaches our series of watercolor workshops where each covers a different concept and principle, and are limited to 14 students so that everyone receives the best in one-on-one instruction. New to our workshop or a beginner? Please arrive at 1:30 for a guided orientation to receive the New to Watercolor handouts with additional resources and tips to help you further your art.

NOTE: not all supplies are included. Please purchase your supplies (from the suggested basic list below) in advance of the classes. The total is approximately $100. All your other supplies are included.  

Supply List:

If you have watercolor experience – please bring what you usually work with or use this basic list as a guide:

  • Something to take notes with

  • HB drawing pencil and kneaded eraser

  • Water receptacle – at least 16oz of water with a wide mouth (a 32oz yogurt container works well)

  • Masking Tape

  • Tissues

  • Spray Water Bottle

  • Stiff board onto which to tape the watercolor paper, at least 11” x 14” and waterproof. A Masonite panel works fine.

  • Brushes: Watercolor #10 & #6 rounds. If you are a beginner, synthetics are an economical choice.

  • Paper: Recommended: 9 x 12 Strathmore Series 300 Watercolor pad (this is great practice paper until you decide on the 100% Rag watercolor paper just right for you).

  • Watercolor palette with lid (such as the Jane Jones Travel Palette) or a fold-over watercolor palette. Both kinds protect the paint between painting sessions and offer plenty of mixing areas and paint wells.

  • Paint-basic selection of 5 colors in tubes:
    The Van Gogh watercolor paints offer a chance to explore the medium on a budget. Purchase a Permanent Lemon Yellow, Phthalo Blue, Ultramarine Deep, Permanent Red Deep and Quinacridone Rose.

If you wish to upgrade to Fine Art watercolor brands – Holbein, Daniel Smith, QOR, MaimeriBlu and Winsor & Newton are excellent choices. The color is more intense and you will find the paint goes further as it has a greater pigment load. You want to have a permanent lemon yellow (Hansa or Aureolin), Ultramarine Blue, Pthalo Blue (green shade), Permanent Red, and a Permanent Rose (Quinacridone rose). Avoid cadmium colors as they are more opaque than other pigments.

The total is approximately $100.00. These supplies will last through a great many painting sessions.

Please note: you may purchase additional pigments, but keep in mind that each have unique handling properties, and these will be taken into account during the lessons.

Asel Art Supply offers a student discount of 10%. Please print or show your Eventbrite ticket to receive your discount.

Marian Hirsch is a full time professional artist and teaches regularly at North Haven Gardens. She devotes her time to on location painting capturing the ever-changing color and mood of the world we live in. These plein air studies provide the foundation for her color-rich watercolor and pastel landscapes, which are composed and created in her studio.

Articles about her paintings have been published in Artist’s Magazine, American Artist, International Artist Magazine and the Pastel Journal. Marian is a longtime member of the Southwestern Watercolor Society, and has resided in the North Texas area since graduating from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Fine Art.