UNASHAMED BOOK TOUR: An Evening with Amber Cantorna

UNASHAMED BOOK TOUR: An Evening with Amber Cantorna

Join Amber Cantorna in conversation with George Mason as they and unpack what it means to be an LGBTQ person of faith. Pulling from her new book, Unashamed: A Coming-Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians, Amber Cantorna will discuss topics such as demolishing internalized homophobia, the importance of establishing affirming community, tips for knowing when/how to come out, tools for setting healthy boundaries, and ways to tend to your soul in the process.  Bring your questions, fears, and hopes and join us for a night of discussion, Q&A, and book signing.

***Each ticket includes an autographed copy of Unashamed in the ticket price.

***Drinks and refreshments will be served at this event. Please reach out to the organizer if you have dietary restrictions so we can accomodate your needs!

***We never want cost to be a barrier for any of our events. Therefore, a limited number of scholarships are being provided for those who would benefit from this event, but don’t have the financial means to attend. If that is you, please reach out by contacting the organizer. 


“Unashamed is a step-by-step guide to liberation, a manual for answering that holy call to stand in our own God-given skin and be exactly who we are. No apologies. No atonement. Cantorna speaks plainly to the threats—internal and external—faced by many LGBTQ+ Christians, and offers strategies first for survival and, in time, for roaring freedom.”
– Linda Kay Klein, author of PURE: Inside the Evangelical Movement that Shamed a Generation of Young Women and How I Broke Free, and Founder of Break Free Together

“Unashamed is a heartfelt, supportive resource for LGBTQ Christians finding their place in the church and in the world. I’m so glad Amber Cantorna created such a vital and important work.”
-Mike McHargue, host of Ask Science Mike and author of Finding God in the Waves

“Amber Cantorna beautifully radiates God’s love and hope for all God’s children as she masterfully weaves together helpful action steps and stories that are both informative & empowering. Unashamed: A Coming-Out Guide for LGBT Christians is filled with golden nuggets of hope, healing and truth that everyone can benefit from; whether you are an LGBTQ Christian looking for assistance and encouragement in the coming out process, an ally or parent seeking to support a loved one in the process, or simply someone interested in transforming and growing in the ever-faithful compassion and love of God. Unashamed is a must read for everyone!”
-Jane Clementi, Co-Founder and CEO, The Tyler Clementi Foundation

“Amber Cantorna has done it again. After the success of her book Refocusing My Family, Amber has returned with a practical, readable guide to the challenges of living authentically. In Unashamed: A Coming-Out Guide for LGBTQ Christians, Amber speaks with the wisdom of someone who has lived through the kind of shame only evangelicalism can impart. For those with the courage to let the world know who they are, Unashamed will guide you, lovingly and competently, one step at a time.”
-Paula Stone Williams, Pastor, TED Speaker, LGBTQ Advocate

“As the mother of a gay son, Unashamed is the book I wish my child would’ve had when he came out. With practicality, compassion, and wisdom that comes from personal experience, Amber Cantorna broaches coming out in a way that no other book has done. As both a mother and the leader of Free Mom Hugs, this is a book I will most definitely recommend to all LGBTQ Christians who are on the journey of embracing their deepest, truest selves.”
-Sara Cunningham, Founder Free Mom Hugs and author of How We Sleep at Night: A Mother’s Memoir

“As the gay, closeted son of a Southern Baptist pastor, I didn’t think I’d ever come out. It was too scary. But in my late 20s, I began to plan my coming out process. I was paralyzed with fear. I had no guidance, no resources, and very little confidence. I felt like the only person in the world who’d gone through this. Thanks to Amber Cantorna’s book, Unashamed, no closeted Christian LGBTQ person should ever have to feel this way again. This book clearly and practically lays out a set of best practices for people who want to come out but aren’t sure how. Coming out is never easy, but, thanks to Amber, it just got a whole lot easier.”
-B.T. Harman, Creator of the Blog & Podcast Blue Babies Pink

“This is Amber Cantorna at her best!  She takes the nitty-gritty experiences that every LGBTQ person of faith experiences and breaks them down in an incredibly accessible way.  Everyone who reads this book will leave with a greater understanding of what it is to be queer and a deeper understanding of steps to take that will lead towards wholeness in accepting Gods love for all.  Reading it feels like having a personal coach on all things LGBTQ and Christian.  It’s just so good!”
-Candice Czubernat, Founder and Therapist at The Christian Closet