The Samaritan Inn – Inn Bloom Luncheon Volunteer Kickoff

The Samaritan Inn – Inn Bloom Luncheon Volunteer Kickoff

The Samaritan Inn is more than just a place to spend the night. It is a comprehensive program that teaches self-sufficiency and life skills to meet the needs of individuals and families experiencing homelessness. They help willing people gain dignity and independence.

On a given night, approximately 160 people sleep at the Inn, of which 1 out of 3 are children. According to a recent article in “The Dallas Morning News”, The number of homeless people in Dallas and Collin counties increased 9 percent over the past year. As the number of homeless people rises in Dallas and Collin counties, the population is spreading into more cities.

Homeless shelters like the Samaritan Inn, are important because they assist individuals through the entire spectrum: from obtaining income, to assessing for health care needs, to advocating to landlords during the rental application process—they help individuals who are experiencing homelessness with obtaining permanent housing.

But in order to keep this program going and making a difference in so many people in need, we need donations from our community.

The 2020 Inn Bloom Luncheon is one of the shelter’s largest fundraising events. The objective of the luncheon is to raise awareness about homelessness and last but not least raise funds to keep the shelter open through the generosity of the many counties in the Dallas area. The shelter provides important and necessary services to the less fortunate individuals and families.

The guest speaker for this year’s luncheon is Jewelry Designer, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Kendra Scott!!! What a treat this will be!!

So how can YOU help us to continue making a difference??? Come on out to the Volunteer Kickoff Meeting to find out how you can get involved.