The fight against illegal casinos continues in Kazakhstan

Large-scale action aimed against illegal gambling, was carried out by the Service of economic investigations in the period from June 15 to July 15. Citizens actively have joined the operation and provide information on their own.

 81 criminal case under article 307 of the Criminal Code were registered in the period. This year, a total of 157 criminal cases were initiated. In addition, the police stopped the activities of 15 illegal casinos, gambling 49 objects that were disguised as PPP betting companies. During the operations were seized about 5 thousand. Of material evidence, including the gaming terminals, computers, poker tables and more.

 In Aktobe region was suppressed the activity of OPG, which manages 10 online casinos under the guise of sites bookmakers. With regard to the illegal business executives under investigation.

 In Kazakhstan, the attention paid to the fight against illegal gambling establishments because of the severity of the consequences for users with a gambling addiction. According to experts, Gamblers and gambling addiction is a severe form of mental disorder.

 In accordance with the laws of the country governing gambling, placing slot halls and casinos outside the specially designated gambling zones is strictly prohibited.

 Recall that the Kazakh bookmakers reacted negatively to the idea of ​​creating a betting account center.

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