Restorative Yoga with Nidra

Restorative Yoga with Nidra

restorative yoga sequence typically involves only five or six poses, supported by props that allow you to completely relax and rest. Held for 5 minutes or more, restorative poses include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle backbends.   In Restorative yoga, total relaxation is the goal.  

It is the perfect ending to a stressful day.  It is also great for chronic stress situations or stress brought about from major life changes.   During class your body will be totally supported by props and you will be very comfortable so that your nervous system starts to let go and the rest of your body completely surrenders any physical and emotional heavyness.

By helping you transform chronic pain-and-stress responses into “chronic healing” responses of mind and body, yoga helps reduce your suffering of chronic pain. Your mind and body have built-in healing responses that are just as powerful as their protective pain-and-stress responses. Whether it’s a meditation on gratitude, a relaxation pose that puts the body and mind at ease, or a breathing exercise that strengthens the flow of energy in your body—they all share the benefit of bringing you back home to your natural sense of well-being.  

Restorative yoga turns on the healing relaxation response by combining gentle yoga poses with conscious breathing.

Although these poses may look as though you are doing nothing, this is far from the truth. Restorative yoga rests the body but engages the mind. The breathing elements of each pose make restorative yoga an active process of focusing the mind on healing thoughts, sensations, and emotions.