Pursuit of Wellness Kitchen – Dinner Party

Pursuit of Wellness Kitchen – Dinner Party

The Pursuit of Wellness Kitchen, an interactive dining experience!

If you are a foodie this event is for you. We will be having a fabulous 4 course plant based meal, all while drinking your choice of wine. 

Welcome to discovering a new and fun dining experience which will benefit your life long health.  We all want to keep our youth, be of healthy weight and prevent chronic disease and cancers without a whole lot of effort. We are starting a new decade, begin it with your journey to true health. This is the be all end all of healthy eating…The Whole Food Plant Based Lifestyle! 

Instead of the same old rigmarole dinner conversation, bring your favorite wine and experience how small changes in your meal routines can give you more energy, lose weight, sleep better and be healthier over your lifetime.

Spend your evening doing something different and fun. We will be cooking several whole food plant based dishes while having wine of your choice. The menu will include 4 courses including dessert. Have fun night out with your significant other or bring some friends for a girls night out!

Host by Chef Brittany and Nurse Practitioner Lia.

“Everytime you Eat or Drink you are either Feeding Disease or Fighting it”