H-1B to EB-5 Seminar Dallas

H-1B to EB-5 Seminar Dallas

Note – You are welcome to attend this seminar on getting your Green Card fast using investment even if you are on a visa other than H-1B visa.

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You are cordially invited to attend the Indian H-1B to EB-5 Seminar Dallas, June 19th from 3:30 – 7:00 pm. Find out how you can get your Green Card fast using EB-5. Get all your questions answered by many immigration attorneys and professionals. Have one-on-one interactions with immigration lawyers and professionals to understand ways of getting your Green Card fast especially as H-1Bs are under increasing attack.

Online research is not a substitute for attending this seminar in person because of US law; under American law, some information can only be shared face to face and not on a website. This seminar is a unique and rare opportunity to talk face to face with experienced immigration attorneys, and EB-5 projects to understand it thoroughly–with all your questions answered. 

Please forward a link to this page to your friends and ask them to register. They will thank you for it. Seating is limited so you must register to reserve your seat. Register Now!

Registration is Free. You must register on Eventbrite and have your ticket to get into the event. Print it out or download it in your mobile in advance.

Date: June 19th, Wednesday

Time: from 3:30 pm to 7 pm

Location: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas – Farmers Branch, 11611 Luna Rd, Farmers Branch, TX 75234


The program includes Immigration Attorney Panels and Issuer Panels. You will learn

  • EB-5 Basics

  • Source of Funds

  • January Visa Bulletin – Final Action Dates

  • Retrogression for Indian born nationals

  • Impact of retrogression

  • Potential Changes to EB-5 Program

  • Minimum Investment Amount

  • Job Creation

  • EB2 & EB3 Backlog

  • Retrogression for Indian born nationals

  • Impact of retrogression

  • Potential Changes to EB-5 Program

  • Minimum Investment Amount

  • Value of the attorneys 


“The information from attorneys was of most value to me, and everything was very useful.” – Sudeep – San Jose event

“Nice information and Consultation with speakers, great platform, will recommend to others.” – Anonymous – Dallas event

“From the event, I found trustful attorneys and investment developers.” – Anonymous – Dallas event

“I came in without any proper knowledge on EB5 but have a sufficient knowledge after the seminar to make educated decisions.” – Anonymous – Dallas event

“We have been thinking almost a year but we never received this much detailed information.” – Timanshu Patel – DC event

“Seminar was very helpful, that is a great opportunity to know more about how to file EB5.” – Patel – DC event

“EB5 information details were given, all questions got answered, very well coordinated, time frame was good. Everyone was approachable.” – Anonymous – Atlanta event

“Got lots of valuable information that is not available elsewhere.” – Vishwayon – Boston event

“Great info, qualified attorneys, great projects.” – Anonymous – Newark event

Speakers from EB5 Expertise: 

Speakers for Dallas will be updated very soon!

Take a look at the Previous Speakers

Ashkan Emami, Immigration Arrorney – Path Law Group

I’ve had more than a few of my clients tell me that choosing to immigrate to the U.S. was among the most important decisions they have ever made. I imagine it was no different for my family when they came here during my childhood. This is why my main focus is ensuring that we make the legal process as smooth and painless as possible. Ashkan is a partner and co-founder at PLG. He focuses primarily on building relationships with clients, understanding their businesses, families and immigration goals. He previously worked at a large immigration firm, which he left to help create a new type of immigration practice. Ashkan’s primary focus is to make clients feel at ease with their attorney while providing accurate information and unparalleled accessibility. He has seven years of experience with corporate clients, investors and creative professionals.He also has significant experience representing clients seeking Asylum based on religious and political grounds and has successfully advocated for clients from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Devin Williams, President – EB5 Global

Ms. Williams is the President and co-founder of EB5 Global. EB5 Global is proud to have an operating track record equal to our impeccable immigration track record. To date every EB5 Global project has exceeded the initial financial projections and job creation projections, resulting in over 1,500 investor Green Cards with a 100% approval rate and over $40 MM returned to investors to date. Devin’s is responsible for expanding EB5 Global’s foreign financing networks and overseeing the capital raise on each new project. Devin is a nationally recognized expert in EB-5 hotel development and a frequent speaker at real estate and EB-5 events, including the Urban Land Institute (ULI). She graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in finance and received her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Jennifer Smith – Director of Investor Relations – EB5 Global

Jennifer is the Director of Investor Relations at EB5 Global. She assists prospective investors with their due diligence, and she oversees the day-to-day investor management process, providing support to migration agents and immigration attorneys.  She possesses experience in real estate transactions in connection with residential, commercial, and mixed-use development projects throughout Oregon and in Portland’s highly acclaimed Pearl District.  She is also knowledgeable in business and corporate law governance.  She received her law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School.  

Jeff Barney – Prima Luce

Prima Luce LLC is an established real estate development firm based in Southwest Florida, whose core business is the acquisition and development of high-rise communities. Prima Luce’s President Robert MacFarlane has played an integral role in over $2 billion of real estate transactions, developments and construction, including three high-rises in Florida, and redevelopment projects throughout New York, Connecticut, Texas and Florida. MacFarlane’s current $135 million project, Prima Luce on the Waterfront, will be a newly constructed, two-tower, 22-story, waterfront residential high-rise development located on the waterfront in Fort Myers, Florida, just a 2.5-hour drive from Walt Disney World® Resort in Orlando and a 2-hour drive from Miami and the Atlantic Ocean.

Ahmed Khan, VP of South Asia and the Middle East – CanAm Investor Services

Ahmed M. Khan is CanAm’s VP of South Asia and the Middle East. Ahmed practiced EB-5 law for prominent EB-5 law firms in the U.S. for over 5 years before joining CanAm, and now heads the firm’s EB-5 practice in South Asia as well as the Middle East. Having filed more than 500 individual EB-5 cases, Ahmed possesses extensive knowledge about the EB-5 process and common Source of Funds issues. Additionally, Ahmed has been featured on numerous EB-5 informational panels, seminars, and other speaking engagements, including ILW Seminars, EB-5 Investor Magazine Conferences, and TiE Global Seminars.  

Stephen H. Smith – President – EB5 Coast to Coast

Stephen H. Smith is the owner of Steve Smith Development LLC with a 28-year track record of mixed-use and multifamily projects spread throughout the Puget Sound region. Mr. Smith’s success is due to his careful analysis of each step in the development process—from market research and site selection to design, construction, marketing and customer service. Through the years, he has delivered high-quality apartment, condominium and mixed-use projects that have commanded premium pricing. In 2005 he entered the senior apartments market by teaming up with SHAG (the Senior Housing Assistance Group) to build the 206-unit Cedar Park apartments in Seattle’s Lake City neighborhood, and continues to build other senior apartment projects with SHAG. In the aggregate, his portfolio includes the development and/or construction of nearly 4,000 units in 40 different projects valued in excess of $900 million. Mr. Smith earned a Bachelor of Art’s Degree from the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington.

Sam Udani – Law Publisher of ILW.COM

Mr. Sam Udani is the publisher of ILW.com and Immigration Daily, the largest and oldest online newspaper for immigration law. It is sent out by email each working day to 32,000+ subscribers include 10,000+ attorneys, paralegals, and corporate HR personnel, 10,000+ immigrants, hundreds of people in academia, think tanks and journalists, 1,000+ officials at US Department of Labor, US Department Homeland Security, and other executive branch agencies, dozens of people in courts throughout the country, many members of Congress and their staff in both parties and both Chambers on the Hill.

ILW about Glance

·         Founded in 1999, ILW is focused on immigration. ILW has two divisions: law publishing and marketing services. Our offices are in mid-town Manhattan in New York City, USA. We have representatives on the ground in Taipei, Taiwan; Shanghai, China and Mumbai, India. ILW Publisher Sam Udani has been in the immigration field for 25 years.

·         ILW’s flagship product for the last 17 years is Immigration Daily, an online newspaper sent out by email each working day to 35,000+ subscribers. During the last 12 months, Immigration Daily featured 1,500+ articles from 200+ immigration attorneys. Immigration subscribers include 10,000+ attorneys, paralegals, and corporate HR personnel, 10,000+ immigrants, hundreds of people in academia, think tanks and journalists, 1,000+ officials at US Department of Labor, US Department of State, US Department of Homeland Security, and other executive branch agencies, dozens of people in courts throughout the country, many members of Congress and their staff in both parties and both chambers on the Hill, 100+ officials in state governments across the country, and thousands of other people interested in US immigration law and policy. Immigration Daily has been quoted in published and unpublished opinions by federal courts.

·         ILW has provided Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits for attorneys in many states. We have conducted over 600 CLE seminars and workshops to immigration attorneys during the last 16 years. ILW has provided immigration law CLE seminar content on Westlaw and law.com

·         ILW has published dozens of books on immigration law (most titles intended for lawyers) covering every major area of immigration law during the last 12 years. In addition, for many years ILW has distributed 7 immigration law titles from 3 other law publishers (American Lawyer Media, Juris Publishing, and Legal Research Bureau). ILW.COM has co-published a book with the Society of Human Resource Management. One of our books was in the Mandarin language..

·         ILW has conducted over 100 EB-5 events in over a dozen countries over the last 5 years. In 2015 & 2016, we conducted approximately 40 events each year in approximately ten countries. In 2017, we expect to conduct approximately 50 events in 10 countries. We have the largest footprint in the world in EB-5 outside of China. We currently conduct Expos in all major EB-5 countries: China, India, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Latin America through Miami and International Student Expos in 11 cities across USA.

·         ILW.COM‘s website has 250,000+ visitors each month and 2,000,000+ page views each month. ILW’s LinkedIn Group has 3,000+ immigration professionals, ILW’s Twitter feed has 12,000+ followers, and ILW.COM’s discussion board has 20,000+ registered users. ILW.COM features 50,000+ pages of free immigration information online, the largest content repository for US immigration law information on the world wide web. For 17 years, ILW.COM averages as approximately in the top 25,000 largest US websites.

About Our Staff

Since inception, ILW.COM has employed individuals from various cultural backgrounds in efforts to establish a diverse, truly unique and multi-global staff. Founded as a publishing company of US immigration law, we believe it is necessary to represent various cultures from around the world and learn from the individual backgrounds of our associates in order to be a genuinely diversified company. Our past and current staff members play vital roles in relation to all of the projects we are involved in. Whether working independently or as a unified team, each individual offers a pivotal, specific talent that allows ILW to offer unparalleled efficiency, exceptional satisfaction and maintain the level of integrity and trust that our readers and clients have come to expect of us.