Fort Worth Development Group: Weekly Networking

Fort Worth Development Group: Weekly Networking

Come meet with us weekly, where we share valuable nuggets of information which will be impactful to both your personal and business lives.

This non-exclusive group strives to bridge the gap between business and ministry through cultivating meaningful relationships in the workplace allowing our character and integrity to minister to others God’s love through our daily business practices. The purpose of the Fort Worth Development Group is to help individuals know themselves, others and their business better so that we can all experience personal, relational, and professional growth. The meetings are not geared toward referrals or technical training, rather being empowered through fundamentals in life and business. Those who would benefit most from this group are those who are looking to learn, grow, help teach and serve others. Every week is a new format featuring “Guest Speakers,” “Wise Counsel,” “Hot Topic” and “IE- Incorporate/Empower.”

Also, each week we have a complimentary continental breakfast courtesy of Buttons Restaurant. They open up early for us before the lunch crowd to support our efforts to make a difference in our community through the encouragement of personal and professional development.

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