(Dallas) Branding Yourself on LinkedIn – Virtual Workshops

(Dallas) Branding Yourself on LinkedIn – Virtual Workshops

Good job! You made the decision to make a change in your professional life, now you need some help to make magic happen. Perhaps you’re dissatisfied with your job, industry, level of work, or frustrated with a lack of connections to make moves. 

Join us for tips & insight from leaders (featured in major publications such as Forbes) who have made powerful connections on Linkedin to further their careers as well as those designated to help others make connections in cities around the world. 

Choose a day to participate in the TWO Branding Yourself on Linkedin virtual workshops that were previously recorded.

As a bonus, you will receive a workshop INTRO to a series called Put Your Dream to the Test conducted by Coach L of Lucki Fit Branding and Coaching. 

Don’t worry, you won’t be left to manage this process alone. Once you complete the workshops, join our Facebook Group called The Branding Incubator @ LuckiFit where change and taste makers meet to create powerful personal and business brands. 

It all starts with you, so make the investment of time and commitment to see your desired change come to life.  It takes confidence and courage to make it happen. You have it within you.