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Honor View20 Hands

Lucky for me, I actually managed to spend some time with the upcoming smartphone. The first thing about the Honor View20 that catches coque iphone 6 mandanda coque huawei p8 blanc my attention is, coque huawei mate 10 lite auchan believe it or not, the feel and achat coque huawei p10 lite weight of the phone. Despite its size, the phone feels solid, and I have no trouble gripping it firmly. And that despite its glossy, all glass back.

Speaking coque huawei p8 lite stylé of which, the View20 back actually houses an interesting design. When reflecting light off of it, the back shows off several arrows that coque huawei amazone are pointed downwards. Here the kicker to that design; if coque huawei y5 fnac you coque coeur iphone 6 angle it accordingly, it actually gives off the illusion that the arrows are moving in the aforementioned dimension.

There also the matter of the View20 coque huawei p8 2017 amazon display. Gone is the dreaded notch that was prevalent coque huawei coque iphone 6 pumba p8 lite personnalisee with almost every other Android smartphone in 2018. In coque huawei p8 lite 2017 liquide its place, a near bezel less, edge amazon coque huawei ascend p7 to edge, 6.4 inch coque huawei p9 lite miroir Full HD+ display is used, along with the infamous situated at the upper left corner. Housing the phone 25MP front facing camera sensor. The phone coque huawei ascend y 330 also comes with a choice of either 6GB or 8GB RAM, and a gargantuan 256GB internal storage capacity. The trade off in this situation is that the phone has no microSD card slot, meaning that its coque iphone 6 esmeralda storage capacity cannot be expanded.

Honor endeavour doesn end there. Instead of using Huawei EMUI, the View20 now coque huawei p 30 pro runs its own Magic UI, on top of the Android 9 Pie. A clear sign that Honor is making every effort to step out and away from Huawei shadow.

Of course, the highlight of the View20 most definitely that large 48MP main camera at the back of the phone. Honor refers to it as the 48MP rear etui coque huawei p smart 2019 3D TOF camera, but if we to break that down, it basically Sony f/1.8 IMX586 image sensor that first popped up back during July last year.

Moving on, the performance of the 48MP camera does beggar a certain level of belief. Daytime photography is, like most smartphone cameras today, basically coque iphone 6 paradis no issue for the phone. At 48MP, objects in frame retain alot of coque huawei y6 licorne detail, and that even when you magnify specific sections of the same image.

The AI camera function is still present with the View20, but I should point out that the feature doesn always do justice to an image. In most pictures I took, the feature has a tendency of erring towards the side over saturation. This in turn, made certain objects coque huawei y6 2018 drag queen and subject stand out unnecessarily, even when I don them to.

On another note, the View20 HDR function is now a separate coque huawei p10 lite bleach camera function, hidden away in the interface camera settings. It a bit odd that Honor would do this, especially when coque huawei p8 lite dorée you consider how it had worked so hard to make it an option in the camera interface of its other devices, such as the Honor 8X.

Unfortunately, I wasn able to capture and test the camera capabilities in low light environment, as at the time of playing around with the phone, it was noon time, and the area I was in didn really have many areas that would legitimately constitute as low light environments.

As far as first impressions go, I happen to think that the Honor View20 is a snappy looking device and a good start to the year for the brand. If anything, I actually looking forward to Honor sending a review unit soon, just so that I can fully and properly test out that huge 48MP camera that stuck coque iphone 6 effet 3d in its back. Besides that, the only other thing Honor has yet to announce is its local pricing…