Complimentary Coaching Sessions

Complimentary Coaching Sessions

Hey friends!

I am the Nutritional Health Coach here at your downtown Fort Worth Natural Grocers location! Did you know I give FREE coaching sessions?

Are you working on a nutritional goal? Have you been diagnosed with a medical condition? Do you just need some extra encouragement?

I can try to help! Come into the store, call the store, or fill out a coaching request form online at 

The coaching session once again, is completely complimentary. We spend an hour to an hour and a half together doing a health evalution, and creating goals with specific recommendations for you. After the session, you will also receive a $5 rewards to load to your N Power account. We can meet every four weeks.

My office is in the store and I have available times on Wednesday 11-1230, 130-3, 4-530, Those same times on Thursdays, and then 11-1230 on Saturdays.

I cannot wait to have a coaching session with you! See you around! 

With love and Support,