We hope these workshops help you become an educated spender and apply the simple concept of PAY YOURSELF FIRST & HOW MONEY WORKS as the bases for a proper financial foundation.

1. Increase Cash Flow (strategies to find $$$ you already have)

2. Debt Management (budgeting and debt roll-up program)

3. Build a Strong Financial Foundation

4. Proper Protection (income, assets, family, health)

5. Retirement Planning (asset and wealth accumulation)

6- Wealth Preservation (generational wealth transfer)

7. Learn and understand the financial industry (become your own money manager)

8. College Planning (parents and 8th graders and above)

When we understand and apply the concepts of how money works, we add value to our family and create a strong financial foundation for our own future and our communities. Financial freedom should not be an option but a priority!

Wishing you financial success in 2019!!

The National Campaign for Financial Literacy is an affiliation of financial educators committed to promote financial education throughtout North America. What makes us different, is our common goal to educate families and communities, typically overlooked by the traditional financial industry. Financial education is our #1 service, therefore; the campaign’s mission: to financially educate 1 million families by 2020!, is one that is collectively taken very seroiuosly and proudly.

Through the educational program, it expands to over 400 financial learning centers throughout United Satates and Canada, currently delivering financial education to over 40,000 families on a monthly bases. At the core of our educational workshops is the concept of Paying Yourself First!!!