ArtHeals for Warriors Summer Series

ArtHeals for Warriors Summer Series

ArtHeals for Warriors

ArtHeals (Healthy Empowerment through Arts Learning) is a program developed by The Center for Contemporary Arts, and administered through a partnership with the Military Veterans Peer Network. It provides an opportunity for self-expression and healing. It also fosters trust among participants and in doing so, increases their trust and confidence in themselves and others, as well as widens each warrior’s (and their family’s) scope of social networks.

MVPN Volunteer and Navy Veteran, Charity Broomfield is a trained facilitator for this program and will walk you through the process each Wednesday from 10 am – noon.  We provide the materials, an instructor and fellow members from the military/Veteran community.  The sessions will run from June 5th through August 21st. You can attend all or one or more. Please register separately for each session, so we can plan accordingly.

ArtHeals uses creative methods to help us make sense of how we, as Veterans and family members (15 years and older) fit into the world around us. Therapeutic activities will include guided artistic expression to music, discussion and sharing.

If you’d like to attend, but need childcare, please text Ginger Simonson at 817-683-2870 and we will do our best to provide it on-site – we will need a minimum 7 day notice to arrange proper care.