Lean In Dallas 2019 Kickoff Meeting

Lean In Dallas 2019 Kickoff Meeting

Dallas Lean In and Lean In Dallas comprise a peer support network focused on advancing the causes of gender equality and pay equity through educational programming, peer coaching and social interaction. Studies have repeatedly shown that having an effective peer support network, such as Dallas Lean In, yields tangible benefits for personal and professional success. We look forward to having you all join us and become active members of the Lean In Dallas Network through one of the circles such as Dallas Lean In. 

The Lean In Dallas Kickoff Meeting will be an opportunity for new and returning members to meet the new leadership team, learn about the exciting programming we have planned for the year, and experience a Circle Meeting first hand.

Dallas Lean In Kickoff Meting Agenda

10:00a: Welcome and Leader Introduction

10:30a: Review of Women in the Workplace Study: Why Lean In Still Matters

11:30a: 2019 Dallas Lean In Plan

12:00p: Lunch

1:00p: Simulated Circle Meeting: “Why I Lean In”

1:45p: Q&A

1:55p: Wrap Up

2:00p: Meeting Ends