#Happiness Challenge

#Happiness Challenge

Take the #Happiness Challenge to Take Your Happiness to the Next Level!

Join the global wave of happiness.  Happiness does not happen by accident.  Do you find happiness short-lived or has it eluded you despite so much effort to be happy?  

#Happiness Challenge is for people of all backgrounds, faiths, and ages.  There are no contraindications to taking this challenge unlike other external methods including drugs, alcohol, etc.,

To sign up for the #HappinessChallenge visit www.jkyog/events/happinesschallenge .  For more info call 469-795-9130.

The short learning videos released each day are being viewed in a group setting.  A follow up reflective task will be given to be completed that day.  

Focusing on building inward happiness is a truly a small investment that has been scientifically and medically proven to improve better overall health, reduce stress, improve relationships, and increase energy and productivity.

Many people come together will  create a wave of happiness across the globe.  Having a global-wide and community focus on inner happiness will not only spread joy and sunshine within, it will also have an outward positive effect on individuals and communities.  It only takes a small percent of people around the world to create a huge impact on outlook, community cohesiveness, and even peace around the world.