7 Divine Laws workshop

7 Divine Laws workshop

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Workshop includes Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation, Science of healthy diet, Kirtans, Video lecture by Swamiji, introspective and interactive activities to practically implement the knowledge.

Based on the teachings of H.H. Swami Mukundananda ji. Each Universal law has an impact on one’s happiness, health and performance!
Join us in this workshop and experience the transformation.

WHAT IS THE WORKSHOP? The workshop is an 8-session cohort series specially designed based on the teaching of H.H. Swami Mukundananda. The workshop follows a proven framework and is highly effective in helping the participants realize their full potential in life.

HOW WILL THIS WORKSHOP BENEFIT? This workshop aims to provide the participants with the skills necessary to be successful in any endeavors they undertake. Some of the key benefits would be: – Understand the importance of each of the seven laws – Reshape our thought processes and gear them to achieving success – Equip with practical tools & techniques to implement the lessons learned – Incorporate healthy lifestyles WHO CAN BENEFIT? Anyone with a desire to utilize their true potential will find this workshop highly useful. Following are some examples of issues which we encounter daily: – difficulty managing everyday stress – lacking motivation to make positive lifestyle changes – difficulty in maintaining personal and work relationships – having trouble maintaining emotional stability while facing challenges – Lacking clarity on where to focus energy

WHAT DOES THE WORKSHOP COVER? The workshop includes: – Yoga – Pranayam – Meditation – Science of healthy diet – Kirtans – Video lecture by Swamiji, and – Introspective and interactive activities to practically implement the knowledge

HOW DO I MAKE THE BEST OUT OF THE WORKSHOP? To derive the maximum benefit from the 8 series workshop, the following will help: – Fully participate in all the eight workshop sessions. However, it is OK to join midway and still derive inspiration and benefits. – Commit to follow through on the activities discussed during the program. – Keep an open-mind to new ways of thinking and implementing ideas.

Radha Krishna Temple is offering this workshop as a community service for the benefit the community.

WHAT TO BRING? Come dressed in comfortable clothing. Just bring your yoga mats and a water bottle. Snack and lunch prasad will be served.

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